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Nadia Makrache is an experienced entrepreneur, business- career- and lifestyle coach in particular.

With great passion, she improves the business processes of organizations and their business managers. Which makes the organizations perform better. The coached entrepreneurs will have more impact on their company (s), as well as on their family and surroundings. But her and her team have also successfully helped students, employees and others.

Nadia Makrache strives together with her customers for better prosperity and well-being for everyone. Through a customized process, Nadia coaches and guides each and every client to better results. Think of:

more sales

more profit

more free time

satisfied customers

motivated staff

better school performance

work & private life in harmony

and so much more

After Nadia has screened the organization or person, she puts the detailed analysis on paper. Based on this, she then makes an action plan that matches the wishes and needs of the customer. In this way something beautiful arises and you see that the company and / or person will never be the same again.

We understand that a beautiful text with all the proverbial flowers and butterflies appeals to the imagination; but that there are still doubts about whether the claims are actually being realized. This is why we have listed some other customers and what they have experienced in their own words:

“Nadia worked with me over a long and sustained period to improve the management of my branch. Nadia taught me how to deal with the different personalities that exist within an organization.

It took care of it that I now have a much better interaction with my staff and colleagues. Because a team needs a leader who knows, what is good and what is bad for them. Thanks to Nadia, I often hold the proverbial mirror in front of myself. These new acquired skills thump through into my personal life.

So, I strongly recommend her. “

Branch manager

“Entrepreneurship was completely new to me. What steps do I have to take to attract customers and thereby grow? That’s why I wanted someone to guide me through this.

After doing some research, I knew that Nadia Makrache had to be this person. Her personality, values ​​and track record made me feel good.

It did not stop there, because her expertise and support actually helped to significantly improve my entrepreneurship. Her phenomenal team was always there for me to provide the necessary support. It is very nice that you can go to them with all your questions. Nadia Makrache has given me a solid foundation from which I can grow with confidence; as a person and as an entrepreneur.

That’s why I am very satisfied with the results and I strongly recommend it. “

Self-employed person 

“I came to a point in my career that I doubted if my then hectic job as a lawyer at a famous law firm was something I wanted to do for many years more. To know that, I approached Nadia Makrache for a coaching process.

I soon knew that this was a golden move. With a sublime set out action plan, I learned more about myself. As a result, I saw what my points for improvement were. Eventually I decided to change jobs.

As a pro bono lawyer, I am now socially active. I have never regretted it for a moment. In my view, I am now moving in the right direction of my career. And for that I am eternally grateful to Nadia Makrache and her formidable professionals.”


“In the field of administrative processes other skills are required of me than I was used to as a file eater. Finding and keeping the balance between (doing it) yourself and giving direction to a team has proved to be a hellish challenge for me.

So, it was time for some external help. And like many others, I chose Nadia Makrache and her company.

She taught me how to direct my group in a short period of time. Because of this I am better able to set out lines, indicate my limits and (not unimportant); give energy to the team. Not only did I picked the sweet fruits at work, but it also went better in my private life.”


“As a young man in his twenties who already had his hard-earned diploma, I flew into the job market. As a possessed person, I worked overtime at my job as a teacher. I found the work as a teacher fan-tas-tic and I considered it a realization of a long-held dream.

After a while, it totally didn’t go well at work. When I woke up in the morning, realizing that I had to go back to work, I spontaneously suffered stomach cramps. With my soul under my arm I trudged through the day. This led to a decreased appetite and pleasure in life. But of course, the poor students no longer received thorough education from me.

If I wanted to prevent a burnout, I needed some help quickly. Enter Makrache Octoplus…

Self-assured, Nadia Makrache came to me for an interview and she knew enough after asking a few questions. The bottom line was that due to my inexperience and boundless enthusiasm, I was unable to find the right balance between taking energy and giving. Fortunately, Nadia Makrache managed to get me back on track. I enjoy my work again and my students get the education they are entitled to.”

“With my grandfather as the founder of our family business in dairy products and my father who became his successor, I knew early in my life that entrepreneurship is apparently in our DNA. I looked up at my (grand) father and also wanted to take the step towards being my own boss.

I went through all departments within our family business. To the point that my father asked me to take over, because he wanted to retire. I didn’t hesitate for a second and so I took over the leadership within our constantly growing company. When I took over, I saw that we already had two branches, but in my view, it had more stretch. With the favorable investment climate as support, I wanted to expand and conquer the market.

Nevertheless, I hesitated to take the step, because I realized that the term “free time” would be “past tense” for me. I needed someone who could help me take the right path at the intersection where I stood. After asking people in my network I came across a certain Nadia Makrache. I was curious why everyone is so enthusiastic about her and superlatives fall short to praise her for her work.

After a very fruitful introductory meeting, I wanted to work with this energetic young woman. With a clear explanation of all the requirements, I wrote a step-by-step plan in collaboration with her company, that now led to the opening of a third branch that, just like the other two, is running well.

More importantly, I see little change in my time format. I can still do the fun things life has to offer, without jeopardizing my free time.

My thanks go to Nadia Makrache for her expert coaching!”


“As an exemplary student, I always arrived on time in high school. And I obtained the necessary royal grades for my exams and projects. Everyone in my area told me that the university would be a suitable playground for me, so that I could easily get through, without making excessive efforts.

After I was drawn out by a numerus fixus for the medical study, I started my new study with a slight underestimate.

The entire academic adventure was less rosy than I thought. The only similarity between high school and higher education was, so to speak, that they are school forms. I got running behind the facts quickly and I that’s why I realized that if I did not get professional help quickly, I would get to know the expression; illusion poorer, experience richer.

As a true millennial belonging to the Z generation, I naturally turned to the social media to find something that could help me. I discovered “Makrache Octoplus”. After visiting the website and exploring their services, I contacted them.

My biggest fear was that I might be rejected because of my modest budget. Surprisingly, I quickly received an answer and the reassurance that they also offer services for students.

I immediately planned a number of sessions and my life has changed dramatically since then. My thinking and method were adjusted in the correct route. I was surprised at the effectiveness of the help from Nadia Makrache. I will never be able to thank Makrache Octoplus enough for their help.

Academician in the making